Tour Package

Discover unforgettable journeys with Explorex Tours & Travels’ comprehensive range of National and International Tour Packages! Whether you’re yearning for the tranquility of Tanguar Haor aboard our own houseboat, the serene landscapes of Sajek at our exclusive resort, or the natural wonders of Bandarban and Srimangal, we ensure top-notch local experiences. Additionally, explore the world with our special international travel packages, directly from our offices in Malaysia and Thailand. Take advantage of our enticing deals for destinations like Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and others.

For adventures closer to home, embark on our partnered ships for immersive journeys through the mesmerizing Sundarbans or a cruise from Cox’s Bazar to Saint Martin’s Island. From the vibrant culture of Bangladesh to the enchanting allure of global destinations, Explorex ensures your travel dreams come true without breaking the bank. Whether you’re seeking luxury or budget-friendly adventures, we’re your one-stop solution for hassle-free and affordable travel packages. Join us as we embark on journeys filled with discovery and delight!