About Us

About exploreX

Welcome to Explorex Tours & Travels, your doorway to endless exploration and unforgettable adventures! Established in July 2023 by a group of avid travelers, Explorex was born from a shared passion: to make travel affordable and enjoyable for everyone in Bangladesh.

At Explorex, we believe that travel should be both affordable and luxurious. Our goal is simple: to provide exceptional value while ensuring every trip is comfortable, stylish, and filled with excitement.

We offer a wide range of services to meet all your travel needs, from booking flights and hotels to arranging tours and visas. Our transparent approach means no hidden fees or conditions – just straightforward assistance for your journey.

But what truly makes us stand out is our dedication to showcasing the beauty of Bangladesh and the world. With our own houseboat in Tanguar Haor and a cozy cottage in Sajek, we invite you to explore the hidden treasures of our homeland. Additionally, our direct tour packages from Thailand and Malaysia offices, along with our expertise in destinations like Dubai, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Maldives, and Vietnam, allow us to connect cultures and create unforgettable experiences.

At Explorex, we’re more than just a travel company – we’re on a mission to inspire every Bangladeshi, especially the youth, to explore the world. We firmly believe that by traveling, we expand our horizons and enrich our lives. As our motto goes, “Explore to infinity” – because the world is waiting to be discovered, and with Explorex, the journey is just beginning.

Join us as we embark on a journey of endless discovery. Explore to infinity with Explorex Tours & Travels – where every trip is an adventure, and the possibilities are limitless.