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You’re saving money and time when you decide to purchase your trip package through Explorex. If you purchase an Explorex trip package, you will always receive the best airfare available on the participating airlines. Furthermore, we bargain for lower hotel and vehicle rental prices and give the savings to you.

 You surely can. Our in-house technology allows us to mix the possibilities in a way that best suits your needs by combining travel products based on ratings, price, and location. You can select the flights, hotels, or vehicles you want to complete your dream holiday package at any point before the booking is finalized.

Explorex has been operating since 2023 ; however, its parent company has been in business since under the name of and various other concerns.

Explorex stands out for its personalized and hassle-free travel experiences. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offer competitive rates through our extensive network of local vendors, and provide dedicated support for unforgettable journeys tailored to individual needs.

 To find the best flight deals on Explorex, Based on your information, Explorex will provide you with various available flight, and package options, and you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Explorex has a wide range of package options available. Thus, you will find the best price on Explorex package for your desired package.

If you are a Bangladeshi, you just need to provide your Full Name, NID (National ID), Contact & Email address. For international travelers, we require your country name, full name, passport number, local staying address, and contact number.

Because we ensure hassle-free tours at low costs. Our team maximizes your entire travel experience, and we offer a one-stop solution available 24/7.

We believe that traveling should be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial status. We organize travel plans with local vendors, avoiding B2B or B2C policies, and operate on a minimal profit margin, allowing us to offer competitive rates.

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